Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Far To Go "Dilla Tribute Contest" Marka27

Today is the last day to vote for your homie Marka27! This is for a good cause and It would be an honor to work with the legendary J-Dilla through his foundation with Ma Dukes. R.I.P J-Dilla.
Just click on the link for more info and to vote,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Azteca Series Two Teaser Marka27

Here is a Teaser of my Dunny design for the Azteca Series Two. There's a great line up of artists and I'm honored to represent my heritage for this series.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays from your BUDDY!

BIG! Props to MAD-C

MAD-C a super talented graffiti writer completes her masterpiece, and it SICK! Much respect.

Check out this video!

700 Wall - Final Update from Molotow on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Futura Point Man Kills it!!

If you know anything about me, then you know Im a big "Futura" fan. I just came across this
dope video! Peep it for yourself and yes I hope they make a real toy out of this.
“Runaway” video was created by John Nolan, an animatronics designer and director at Streetlight Film

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Marka27- The GOODS!

If you're looking for last minute xmas gifts or just want to come up on some goods... look no further!

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to join other great artists and collaborate with Arbor Collective to design a Day of the Dead Minigod inspired Roundhouse Snowboard and Blunt Bamboo Longboard. Check it out!

Also, don't forget to pick up your copy of Paul Budnitz' I Am Plastic, Too: The Next Generation of Designer Toys (retail $45) but on Amazon for $29 and peep my spread along with the homies Jessie Hernandez, Kano Kid, Mad, Bic Plastics and more!

And get more exclusive, signed Marka27 goods at my online store:


Monday, December 13, 2010


The most highly anticipated release by Marka27 is being pushed back to FEB 19th.
Due to a high demand for the minigods in the ASIA and UK market Bic Plastics and
Marka27 have pushed back the release date till February 19th, 2011 to ensure the best quality minigods and guarantee enough Asia minigods to go around. Please help us spread the word and inform people of this new release date. The new minigods are now two years in the making and we are almost there! Thank you all for your patience and support! We look forward to an amazing release!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bic Buddy Releases & Artist Signings @ D-Con THIS SATURDAY!

It's here!!! the massive 20" D.I.Y Giant Buddy will be available for the first time at Designer-Con THIS SATURDAY, Nov 20 10am- 5:30pm at the Bic Plastics Booth #316. Giant Buddy comes in solid white and solid black, ready to be customized!! You may have seen it listed for $199 retail, but buy it at DCon for a special price of $160!

Check this bad boy out!

Bic Plastics is also releasing the other members of the Buddy family-
8" DIY Blank Buddy's in BLACK and Glow in the Dark for $24.99 each.

And just when you thought that was enough, keep your eyes peeled for the 8" Half Dead Glow in the Dark Buddy, designed my yours truly- limited to 30 pieces at D-Con for $60 each

Special guest artists will be stopping by the throughout the day to do artist signings and sell their product exclusives!!

Ritzy Periwinkle
12pm- 1:00
Kano 1:00 - 2:00
Dez Einswell 2:00 - 3:00
Sucklord 3:00 - 4:00

The Bic Plastics Booth (#316) is one NOT TO MISS!

**here's a sneakpeak of exclusives from Ritzy Periwinkle

from Ritzy: "During my signing I'll be selling my 5pack of postcards for $5. If you say BAZINGA you can get 2 - 5pack of postcards for $8. Each pack has 5 designs and is printed on 100% FSC certified recycled stock. 10% of all sales will go to our account."

And Exclusive Suckadelic GayEmpire Prints & Shirts, $25 each

Friday, April 2, 2010

Toy Street Today! 4-9pm

Marka27 Design will have a table at Toy Street today in Soho on 268 Mulberry Street (Between Prince St & Houston St) where Minigods, Killa Instinct, and Bic Buddy's along with some prints will be available!

Info on Toy Street from UR New York Blog:

Cookies -n- Cream presents ToyStreet. ToyStreet is a grassroots event that aims to connect toy collectors, artists, vendors and people who share the same interests, in a unique experience where they can buy/sell/trade designer toys and other related merchandise such as art, clothing, handcrafted goods, sneakers etc. The goal is to foster more of a personal interaction between artists/brands/collectors/customers in a fun setting, and build a community of people who all appreciate creativity and the arts.

ToyStreet will take place in New York City on April 2nd, 2010 from 4pm - 9pm. The location of the event is 268 Mulberry Street (Between Prince St & Houston St) and is easily accessible by a number of different subway stations. We're also happy to have some of the most prominent designer toy blogs as sponsors for ToyStreet. - SpankyStokes, Vinyl Pulse, Toys R Evil, Plastic and Plush.

Here's just a teaser of what to expect:

Booths with exclusive items by respected artists/toy designers such as TooFly, Sucklord, Dave Cortes (Inu Art/Pugzee) just to name a few. Brands like GoodWood offering one time exclusive items that will only be available at ToyStreet....and many more artists/brands/toy collectors!

Live music performances by the hard rocking Brooklyn band Shinobi Ninja and a special guest. Also, live painting by NYC street art collective URNewYork and Lee Iturbe.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Half-Dead Buddy Release this Saturday

Along with the 40 dope Buddy customs featured at this Saturday's Bic Buddy Custom Show, I will also be releasing my Mexican Luchador design "Half-Dead Buddy", the first 8" Buddy production by Bic Plastics.

This bad boy is limited to 150 pieces and will retail for $60. Also available is a Limited Edition Half Dead Buddy black with gold foil t-shirt retailing for $25.

While supplies last! Get Yours!

March Madness!

The NCAA Finals isn't the only reason why they call this month March Madness! It's been a hectic month with live painting gigs, a demanding 9 to 5, commissioned projects and shows, and of course the upcoming Bic Buddy Custom Show in Los Angeles @Crewest this Saturday (3.27) and in Brooklyn @ Zakka - Dumbo on April 9th.

Put your bets in because March is just the beginning of all the MADNESS! Enjoy!

Crewest, LA: March 27 - 6-9pm
and Zakka, BK: April 9- 6-9pm

Encounters Graffiti Art Expo
Long Island City, NY
March 19 - April 19
Curated by: Cope2

Live Painting Flix from Art Whino's G40: Art Summit
Arlington, VA
March 1- 30

and some chill time with my peoples: Angry Woebots, Codak, & Wifey

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Painting Live @ Art Whino's G40: The Summit:: Saturday 3/6::: DC Metro

Saturday March 6th, 5pm - Midnight

223 23rd St. Arlington, VA 22202


March 6th, 8pm - Midnight

Food Sampling by Elephant Steps and Friends

Each floor will have 10-30 “Showcased artists” who will activate the space with murals and installations, helping to set the mood for their region. In addition to the showcased artists we will have an additional 50-100 region specific artists exhibited on each floor. The show will run up for a month. During the month there will be musical and visual performances, lectures, and more. Also we will feature various art related groups and non-profits, helping to promote their mission and inspire ongoing conversations about the New Brow art world in DC and beyond.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Closer Look: 6" Asia mini-Minigod

I recently revealed one of my new "mini-Minigods", The ASIA Minigod at NY Toy Fair. I wanted to give people the opportunity to see some behind the scene pics of my latest creation. I have some 3D renderings of the ASIA minigod in progress. This would later become a rapid prototype and then made into an actual painted prototype which was shown at NY Toy Fair.

As I type out this blog the final stages of the mini-minigod Asia are being finalized and casted in VINYL GOODNESS! I hope these photos help artists and designers out there learn a little more about the process in the Vinyl Game. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

MG3 Japan Ninja Revealed + Vinyl Pulse Interview

Somebody once asked me which of the designer toys that I've created is my favorite and I hate to choose favorites but "THIS IS IT!" The latest minigod MG3 Japan! I truly believe that with the help of Bic Plastics, we have refined the minigod and have pushed it much further in terms of quality and sound. It was a great experience working on MG3.

Check out the specs to see all the new features!

2.0 USB connector
Mini Jack cable
100 / 240 V AC Adapter
2.5 Hour rechargeable Lithium Battery
4 Ω Power Speaker
10 Ω Tweeter
ABS Speaker Protector
GID Lens

Price still to be determined


Check out my interview with Vinyl Pulse. He's bringing you the exclusives even faster than I can!

Congratulations on the third Mini-Gods figure design. For those that might be unfamiliar with the Minigods concept, can you give us a quick overview of the concept and the inspirations behind the project ?

M27: The "minigods" are designer vinyl speakers. I call them indigenous urban vinyl because my inspiration comes from ancient cultures, like the Aztecs, Mayan, African, Asian, and many others. (g.o.d.s) is an acronym for Givers. Of. Divine. Sound. They are a fusion of ancient and street/pop culture.

Most ancient cultures have music as a major component of their lives. Music is used for
celebration, ceremonies, and rituals. I think of a minigod as a personal toy that a collector can control by choosing what music to play and what vibe they’re feeling at that moment. Minigods are a great way to express yourself through visual and audio.

How did you choose Japan as the inspiration for the MG3 design ?

M27: The Japan minigod is based on Japanese aesthetics, a combination of ninja and taiko drums which are of Chinese origin but I really liked the Japanese taiko modern drums. The large shapes on the MG3 head are shaped like the taiko drums.

With each iteration, you've upgraded the tech in the Minigods. This new figure is the first mini-god to feature not one but two speakers. MG3 also has an increased choice of both audio (USB 2.0 + mini-jack) and power connections (lithium ion rechargeable battery + AC adaptor). Have you now reached your goals in terms of usability and audio performance ?

M27: I would say we are really pleased with the Japan minigod. I think that it's a lot more challenging to meet your goals when you’re making such a small run of toys with function. All factories and suppliers have minimum requirements and for us it's been a long journey getting to the level of quality we have achieved with the latest MG3 Japan. Also the minigods are now being produced by Bic Plastics and they are known for their high standards and quality control.

Today, we're looking at the MG3 Japan Ninja edition, how many additional versions can collectors look forward to ?

M27: Ha! there’s no fun in giving up all the goods. Folks are gonna have to wait and see.

Rumor has it that you have lined up a high-profile artist crossover for MG3. Can you give us a hint or better yet, reveal the guest artist?

M27: O.K here is a hint for all you old school vinyl heads out there. I’m collaborating with an amazing talent from Hong Kong. He was the first to make a vinyl toy with a working speaker.

From the jump the Minigods project has been planned as a trio of designs. Now that MG3 is almost here, are you thinking about expanding the full-size line ?

M27: We will continue to make minigods as long as people continue to enjoy them. I also have something "HUGE" in the works and all I can say is, "Special things come in a small package". Thanks V.P for all the support, from the first Brazil minigod till now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tease no more! Introducing my 8" Half Dead Buddy

Last month, I gave you all a little teaser of projects being released this year and the wait is over...Introducing my Mexican Luchador design "Half-Dead Buddy", the first 8" Buddy production by Bic Plastics.

Standing at 8inches tall, this half-dead/ half- alive Mexican Luchador was a lot of fun to work on. This cabron comes with a fabric cape and some serious attitude, so don't piss him off! Limited at 150 pieces, "Half-Dead Buddy" will be displayed at the Bic Plastics Booth (No. 2866) at New York Toy Fair 2010 next week February 14-17, 2010 (Sunday – Wednesday) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and will be released at the upcoming Buddy Custom Shows in Los Angeles (March 27th) and New York (April 9th).

Enjoy and let me know what you think!