Thursday, May 23, 2013

20 Years On & Strong...

Marka27 New Website & 20YEARS! Promo

To celebrate this 20th anniversary "in the game", I've officially re-launched the Marka27 website with a new look, newest work, and store all in one.
I'm also hooking up 20% off every item in my shop until Friday May 24th.
Just type in promo code: 20YEARS! when you check out.

Twenty years ago around this time I picked up a spray can for the first time. I was terrible and really sucked at it but all big things have small beginnings. I have made great friends, some enemies, had the best and worst of times, but I wouldn't take back a moment from it all. This journey, with the help and guidance from fellow writers, artists, fam and friends, has brought me to the level I'm at now. Dallas, Boston, Los Angels, Brooklyn are all home to me now because of the love and support each city has to offer...
Much love and respect to Infinity Crew, A.L.A Crew, 3A, Fly I.D, C.O.I, U.D, S.M, Debt, Clark, Zone, Problak, Odesy, Vyal, Manone, Jesse Hernandez, Lev, Toy Tokyo, Kidrobot, Threezero, My Plastic Heart, Bic Plastics, DKE Toys, Vinyl Pulse, and especially my wife and kids for standing by me through thick and thin. There are so many more people to thank from the span of 20 years so THANK YOU! You know who you are!!
I'm looking forward to the next 20 years -"God willing" -This journey is just beginning! The streets will be talking, my fellow toy nerds will soon be blogging about new vinyl toy projects in the works, and so much more jumping off this year!

Peace Out and God Bless!
Victor "Marka27" QuiƱonez