Thursday, September 29, 2011

Strangeways The New Cool! Dallas Texas

Introducing Strangeways!

One of the most happening hot spots in Dallas Texas. What makes Strangeways special from the run of the mill bars in Dallas or any
other local city bar. How about over 40 beers on tap, designer toys, excellent mexican dishes and an art collection from some of today's hottest artists like Barry Mcgee, Tim Biskup, Puss Head, Kaws, Bounty Hunter, and many more! Strangeways also has an incredibly friendly and helpful staff ready to serve you the best in delicious beer and mixed drink beverages. Stangeways also offers a laid back vibe open to everyone who needs an escape from the everyday grind, to just hanging with friends, or needing a creative outlet in it's artistic atmosphere. With all this visual atmosphere, designers toys, low brow art, exposed brick walls, one might ask, what about the music? Stangeways is inspired by the Smiths and named after one of there song titles. The music at Strangeways is very reminiscent of the 80's 90's music era. In this world we all crave to find a place we can have some "ME TiME", and really get to unwind a recharge. Eric Sanchez hardcore designer toy and art collector wanted to team up with his family to make his dream come true. This is the all American story you hear about, family owned, family built, family run operation. The next time you find yourself in Dallas Texas and need a freaking good beer with super good vibe stop by Strangeways. I grew up in Dallas so take my word for it!